phyt – it takes two neurons to ride a bicycle – mastering


had a good time of  mastering the gentle psychodelic brass doom slap in the face from Leipzig. Record release party today!

darkFaders & dirtyKnobs

The second Episode of Darkfaders & Dirtyknobs “three-trackers” Release Mode Procedure

Himalaya Incense


Unter dem Synonym Darkfaders & Dirtyknobs findet Ihr immer wieder mal neue elektronische aus dem Kosmos von Tobias Nöthen’s Maschinenbasierter Sample&Synth Musik. Der zweite Release beinhaltet wieder Mitarbeit mehrer Mitstreiter und Freunde. Zu hören auf Bandcamp und Soundcloud.

Feuer Rotes Risiko – Rotes Risiko

Unsere Debut Scheibe, das FeuerRoteRisiko! von Ulrike, Uwe und meiner Wenigkeit.

Mastering Jazz Pars Pro Sono

Mastering my long term piano tuners Jazz Band Pars Pro Sono’s Album, having a very good time in talking, wondering, thinking and listening to the sounds of our world.

Ryan Perry / Ruf Records Recording and Video Shoot

After recordings Ryans “High Risk, Low Reward” Album Material i had let these Ruf Records Buddies go to mix this wonderful snotty material abroad, been even the happier to see them coming back to shoot the video together!

darkFaders & dirtyKnobs

The first Episode of Darkfaders & Dirtyknobs “three-trackers” Release Mode Procedure


Unter dem Synonym Darkfaders & Dirtyknobs findet Ihr immer neue elektronische tracks aus dem Kosmos von Tobias Nöthen’s Maschinenbasierter Sample&Synth Musik. Der erste Release beinhaltet gleich die Mitarbeit mehrer Mitstreiter und Freunde. Zu hören auf Bandcamp und Soundcloud. Link zur Webseite.

Heart And Dart – EP release

Liebe Freunde,

heute am 01. Mai 2020 erscheint die erste EP meines elektronischen Duos „Heart And Dart!“. Cecilie Beck ist eine liebe Freundin, sie ist eine wunderbare Sängerin/Musikerin/Künstlerin aus Dänemark und wir haben fünf ordentlich verschraubte Tracks am Start und freuen uns, wenn Ihr Euch diese anhört, sie weiter empfehlt und im besten Fall derbe darauf abfahrt!

somit verbleibe ich mit herzlichen solidarischen Grüßen zum ersten Mai!

Dear Friends,

today, 01. May 2020, is the release day of the first EP of my electronic music duo „Heart And Dart!“. Cecilie Beck is a splendid friend, she is a wonderful singer/musician/artist from Denmark and we created five tidy bolt down tracks for you guys, and we are happy if you check them out, spread the music or just get crazy about it!

solidly united at the first of May!

„Heart And Dart!“

We are loud. We are tiny. We are soft. We are silent.
We. are. shiny. colourful. grey.


Reverse Mode – Tilting Branches Video Release

Petros Kolotouros is a very very good camera man and character behind the lens. He is working together with the band Reverse Mode and created their video for Tilting Branches. Produced at Studio Erde.

Mutabor @ Studio Erde!

Happy to announce the splendid collaboration of the over 25 years working band Mutabor and Studio Erde for the actual video single release „Laster“ accompaning the ongoing Tour ProFuDus.

Reverse Mode – Mora

Happy to announce the release of “Mora”, a very exciting and original piece of music by the berlin based band Reverse Mode. The album is availible at CD-Baby.

here you find some photos of the recording sessions …

Vanja Sky / Mike Zito / Ruf Records

Happy to have Vanja Sky with producer Mike Zito and Label Owner Tom Ruf (Ruf Records) at Studio Erde for a excellent week of album recording for Vanjas Debut coming up soon. This was a very nice production! Watch out for Ruf’s Blues Caravan 2018 Tour / Mike Zito, Bernard Allison, Vanja Sky. Hope to see u all soon again!

Amen Viana @ Studio Erde

Happy to have Amen Viana and producer Kwame Yeboah for a beautiful studio session.

Tipling Rock (USA, Bosten) – staring

Indy Rock formation Tipling Rock (USA, Bosten) did their Drum Recordings for the single release „staring“ and two other songs in a tight recording session at Studio Erde’s Wodden-Recording-Room in Frank Zappa Street.

The band was seeking the classical vintage-drumsound – benefiting from our drum consult expert Peter Wanitschek (Tim Benzko). In the end Thommy and Peter agreed setting up Peters 60´s Hayman-Set adding a typical „Surf-Twang“ with a analog fender spring reverb.

Mount Kimbie Studio Live Session for Electronic Beats out now

Mount Kimbie have returned with their third studio album via WARP RECORDS entitled “Love What Survives”, and Telekom Electronic Beats TV welcome them back with open arms. In an exclusive live studio session, produced at Studio Erde in Frank Zappa Street /Berlin, watch the UK act perform “Blue Train Lines”, the classic “Made To Stray”, and the brand new single “Delta”.

Tsching Album Production

The berlin based world-music, neo-klassik & tango-jazz band tsching produced their beautiful actual album “Taschenhymnen” at Studio Erde. We had a very good and creative time together here. The album will be released at the munich label GLM at 2017-10-13. Here to announce: The pre realease animated video for the song “Pfennichtango”.

Tsching also announced the following live dates in autum:

15.10.2017 Berlin Theater unterm Dach
18.10.2017 Bonn Lutherkirche
19.10.2017 Nürnberg Auferstehungskirche
20.10.2017 Stuttgart Jazzclub Kiste
21.10.2017 Gaildorf (Schwäbisch Hall) Altes Schloß
15.11.2017 Düsseldorf Musikcafé
16.11.2017 Bremen Emmauskapelle
17.11.2017 Hamburg Kirche
18.11.2017 Neuenhagen Schloß Neuenhagen
19.11.2017 Dresden Kunsthof Gohlis
19.12.2017 Berlin Kunstfabrik Schlot

WARP RECORDS @ Studio Erde!

SENSE MUSIC producing a Live Video Session together with Mount Kimbie (WARP RECORDS) for Electronic Beats series at Studio Erde in our wooden recording room.

Tschaika at Konzerthaus Berlin

Johannes PEPE Göpelt is engineering (live sound & recording) Tschaika`s amazing collaboration with Konzerthaus Berlin. Sören Linke (trp) realizing scores for the performance of Tschaika`s music together with the orchestra musicians Stephan Stadtfeld (trp), Michael Vogt (tuba) und Edwin Kaliga (classical drums) leading into a wonderful concert. look out for further videos ..

Reverse Mode Pre-Release Video for upcoming Album Mora

Reverse Mode, a berlin based new jazz formation with three greek musicians and a texaning bass player. Here to post the pre-release video of the “Mourning Song” as teaser for their upcoming album “Mora” and lately started crouwdfounding. Record / Mix / Master – produced at Studio Erde.

Tasha Taylor

Tasha Taylor (USA) stepped into Studio Erde in Frank Zappa Street again for a tight Band Recording Session together with Roger Inniss (GB) on bass, Davide Floreno (FI) on guitar and Olli Ontronen (FI) on drums. They worked out the band takes for a few compositions of Tasha, as first recordings for a upcoming next album. It was fun, pleasure and beautiful work with that crew.

Akua Naru & Mulatu Astatke

So happy to have Akua Naru & Mulatu Astatke for a beautiful recording session at Studio Erde / Frank Zappa Street – Berlin.